VTech V.Smile V-Motion Active Learning System

VTech V.Smile V-Motion Active Learning System


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Brand: VTech

Color: Blue


  • Wireless, motion activated joystick is also righty or lefty adaptable
  • 100% compatible with the entire V.Smile Smartridge library
  • Web connect features allow for bonus game play downloads
  • Includes sports title
  • V.Link sold separately

Legal Disclaimer: Minor box shelf wear. Brand new.

Publisher: V.Smile

Release Date: 2008-05-02

Details: 80-078841 Features: -Wireless, motion activated joystick. -100% compatible with the entire V.Smile Smartridge library. -Comes with Action Mania sampler Smartridge. -Use for 3-7 years age.Keep kids moving, learning, and having fun with the award-winning V.Motion Active Learning System from Vtech. This educational gaming system is designed to keep kids aged three to seven amused and motivated for hours at a time. They will have plenty of fun using the wireless controller to practice hand eye coordination, solve puzzles, and win races.

What We Think

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The Good: Educational gaming system encourages creativity and problem solving

The Bad: No option to use non-battery power with the console

In a Nutshell: This unique game system promotes active play and makes learning fun

At a Glance

Ages: 3 to 7
Requires: 4 AA batteries and 3 AAA batteries (included); TV; PC to use V-link features

Includes everything you need to get started with healthy, educational fun.

Included "Action Mania" Smartridge features six types of games . View larger.
Easy to Setup and Control
Getting ready for your child's first game is easy. Simply insert the included AA batteries into the game console and the included AAA batteries into the controller. Then connect the console to your TV using the include A/V cable, slide a Smartridge cartridge into the game slot, and you're ready to go.

For each game, there are two control options. Kids can pick to use the joystick as a directional controller, or they can pick to use the motion of the controller itself. This means that tipping the controller left, right, forward, or backward inspires a corresponding motion on screen, letting kids get up and move around instead of staying stationary in front of the TV.

This is extra fun when your on-screen character is doing something fast-paced, like racing down a bobsled course. On the flip side, games that require more nuanced controls are often easier to navigate using the joystick. There's even a switch that lets you decide which way is "up," so the controller can be customized to accommodate right and left handed players.

Lots of Ways to Play Educational Games
It's easy to see why this system won the National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval and the Creative Child Seal of Excellence. A variety of age-appropriate games teach concepts like numbers, letters, and shapes for younger children and let older children work on skills like counting, vocabulary, and matching.

These games feature popular characters like Dora the Explorer, Spiderman, Kung Fu Panda, and Scooby Doo, and they include features that range from races to puzzles to sing-alongs. When kids want to play with a friend or a sibling, there's a two-player mode. And a switch on the bottom of the controller lets you ensure that signals aren't being crossed if the second player comes with his or her own controller.

The included "Action Mania" Smartridge means that your child will have six distinct types of games to choose from right away. One option is to engage in a bobsled race where passing through gates requires answering questions related to counting or more advanced topics like understanding greater than and less than. Another option involves using the controller to balance on a ball and select healthy foods, like pineapple, and avoid "unhealthy" snacks, like sweets. The third game is situated on a tennis court and does an especially good job promoting the development of hand eye coordination.

Club VTech lets parents and kids connect online and participate in a family-centered learning community. The included USB V-link device makes it easy to move data from your home computer to your Active Learning System. Web connect features allow for bonus gameplay downloads that keep kids excited about this learning system, and parents have access to educational advice and special promotional offers.

Overall, the whole Vtech experience is designed to promote interaction and healthy lifestyle choices while making learning fun. Our one minor complaint is the fact that the console uses battery power instead of having a wall adapter, which would eliminate the disappointment of batteries dying in the middle of a game. But if you don't have a convenient outlet, or you want to use the same console on several different TVs, this feature can actually be a bonus.

What's in the Box
Console, controller, wrist strap, 4 AA batteries, 3 AAA batteries, Smartridge, V-link, and user's manual.

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