Xing Hua Shop Game Fence Children's Folding Fence, Indoor Game Fence Fence, Home Baby Safety Fence Toddler (Color : Green, Size : 75150cm)

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Brand: Xing Hua Shop

Color: Green


  • 【Safety height】❤75cm safe height, so that the baby can not cross the wall, so that you can be safe and worry-free, the baby is very happy.
  • 【Quality Cloth】❤Environmentally friendly Oxford cloth, sturdy and durable, healthy and skin-friendly, can safely let the baby play; the mesh is soft and skin-like, and the baby can be observed freely without obstructing the line of sight.
  • 【Children's Gifts】❤Suitable for babies from 6 months to 5 years old, let the baby have fun, don't touch, safe and reliable, give the child the best gift.
  • 【Scope of use】❤can be used in indoor living rooms, bedrooms or outdoor flats. The baby can play with peace of mind without being crowded.
  • 【About delivery】❤We will ship within 3-5 days, delivery time is 7-20 working days.

Publisher: Xing Hua Shop


This is a children's playpen, indoor playground, suitable for babies from 6 months to 5 years old, with strong anti-falling force, stable bottom and no tumbling. Strengthen your height, safely protect your child and make your child happy and happy. Let you rest assured and rest assured.

❤Material: cloth.

❤Color: green.

❤Style: simple and modern.

❤Suitable age: 6 months - 5 years old baby.

❤Size: 75*150cm (29.5*59.0inch).


1, to prevent baby bumps, safe and secure; easy to store, easy to carry, take care of your baby anytime, anywhere;

2, suitable for living room, outdoor, bedroom and other flat ground, convenient for baby to play;

3, can sleep can play, away from the humid air box dust, practical and not idle.


1. We only sell fences, other items are props.

2. A slight color error may occur due to different shooting tools. This is not a quality issue. Please refer to the actual product!

3. When measuring manually, there will be an error of 1-3mm. Please refer to the actual product, please understand.

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