Bathtubs Freestanding Baby Folding Baby Pink Plastic Children's Bath Barrel Neonatal Supplies 82 50 23 cm


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  • 【Advantages】: a folding storage bathtub, super load-bearing, good stability. Soft and comfortable design, baby shower more peace of mind.
  • 【Size】: length 82 * width 50 * height 23 cm (32 * 20 * 9 inches).
  • 【Professional】: take care of 0-12-year-old child.
  • 【Protect the skin】: environmental PP, anti-skin allergies.
  • 【Delivery time】: Usually we will be shipped within 1-3 days, delivery time 7-15 working days.

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Advantages: 1. New healthy PP material, care of baby delicate skin, thick material, durable.

2. The overall design of comfortable lines, in line with the baby's bone growth and development, good safety skid resistance.

3. Overall portable design, bilateral lattice, can be placed shower head, bath products can be placed.

4. basin foot foldable storage, press the foot buckle, you can fold the basin foot, mom can easily accommodate.

5. Bathtub handle design, easy to store, easy to move, can be stored, health and convenience.

6 foot pad to strengthen the load-bearing design, good stability, super load-bearing 200kg.

7. The bottom of the reinforced design, not only make the barrel more solid, but also isolated the distance between the ground and the basin, not easy to make the water temperature is cold, but also easy to drain.

8. Water plug to facilitate the release of water, a sense of temperature, when the temperature is higher than 42 degrees warm white, to prevent the baby scalded.

【Size】: length 82 * width 50 * height 23 cm (32 * 20 * 9 inches).

【Material: PVC

【Warm time】 about 1 hour

You can soak medicine bath, milk bath, flower pot, it can become a baby pool.

This product does not have a bathtub cover.

Usually we will ship within 1-3 days, delivery time 7-12 working days.

We only sell inflatable bathtubs, not including other items.

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