JSQ001 Household Humidifier Ultrasonic Humidifier, Cool Humidifier, Negative Ion Air Atomizer, Large Living Room Air Aromatherapy Machine,D,1


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Brand: JSQ001

Color: D


  • The Warming Of The Humidifier Prevents The Growth Of Harmful Bacteria, Dust Mites And Molds, And Relieves Cough And Irritation Of The Nose And Throat.
  • 2. The Mixture Of Water And Essential Oil Is Broken Down Into Millions Of Particles, Giving Off A Lovely Aroma.
  • Adjustable Release Of Cold Mist And Dual Sprayers Are Easily Absorbed By The Body To Boost Your Mood And Relieve Stress During A Day Of Fatigue And Anxiety.
  • With Advanced Ultrasound Technology, It Can Smoothly Create Instant Relaxing Aromatherapy Without Disturbing Your Sleep Or Work.
  • Silent Operation, Adjustable Release Of Cold Fog And Dual Sprayers, High Humidity Output For Fast Humidification Of 40 Square Meters (430 Square Feet) Of Room.

Publisher: JSQ001


Our Humidifier Is The Ideal Ultrasonic Humidifier For Homes, Apartments, Offices And Low Humidity. Ultrasonic Steam Is Very Beneficial To The Individual. Its Biggest Advantage Is High Performance And Low Energy Consumption.

Box Contains

1 Humidifier

1 X User Manual


Distilled Or Tap Water Works Perfectly. Clean Once A Week To Prevent Build-Up And Extend Product Life

The Minimum Amount Of Water Required To Operate The Humidifier Is 2 Cups.

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