SkyBound Orion Oval Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System (11x16ft)


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Brand: SkyBound

Color: Black


  • TOP-OF-THE-LINE SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE - The SkyBound Orion offers the best of both round and rectangle trampolines featuring innovative safety features, high performance springs for an uparalleled bounce, and superior rust and UV protection.
  • ALL-WEATHER RESISTANCE - Designed with the highest quality materials, the SkyBound Orion includes a high-density, UV resistant safety enclosure net to prevent early deterioration and glossy black coated springs and frame for superior rust protection.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - SkyBound's patented easy-installation design allows assembly in under one hour, saving you time and frustration. Easy-to-read instructions are included, along with SkyBound's U.S. based team of experts ready to help you along the way.
  • ULTIMATE REBOUND - The SkyBound Orion is equipped with massive, 9-inch black springs providing superior bounce performance and ultimate rust protection making the Orion one of the most responsive oval trampolines available.
  • 104 x 9" extra thick, rust-resistant black coated springs - Total assembled dimensions: 16ft long x 11 ft wide x 9.2ft high - Jumping surface height: 38"

Details: PATENTED SAFETY NET The SkyBound patented safety enclosure net is designed to make the installation process simple and efficient. There are no tools, parts, bolts, nuts, or washers needed to secure our proprietary curved safety net utilizing PVC top-sleeves and velcro straps. The enclosure net is curved to help keep wayward jumpers from contacting the ground or the steel frame. ALL-WEATHER RESISTANT The SkyBound XPE enclosure pole foam lasts up to 3x longer than standard pole foam sold in North America. The XPE technology provides longer-lasting durability to all outdoor elements, including rain, snow, wind, and harmful UV rays. The XPE enclosure pole foam is exclusively available on the SkyBound Orion model. SUPERIOR SAFETY The SkyBound Orion trampoline features a proprietary (patent-pending) extended safety-mat skirt which fully covers the trampoline’s springs, acting as an additional safety barrier beneath the trampoline safety pad. This innovative safety feature protects wayward users from making contact with the frame, falling between the steel springs, or pinching themselves on the steel coils when slipping underneath the trampoline’s safety pad. ULTIMATE REBOUND The SkyBound Orion trampoline is equipped with 9” premium black powder-coated steel springsLIGHTNING QUICK ASSEMBLY The SkyBound Orion trampoline’s steel frame and parts snap together quickly and efficiently utilizing our push-pin bolt technology. This assembly process drastically reduces the installation process by up to 50% compared to standard trampolines found in the market. The average set-up time for a SkyBound trampoline is less than 2 hours with the help of 2 or more people.

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