WizKids Pirates of the Revolution Booster Box


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Brand: WizKids

Publisher: WizKids


36 packs per box.

We just purchased a huge deal of Wizkids Pirates products. Here is your chance to get your favorite Pirates products at an incredible price, get them while you still can. Look for this as well as other Pirates products such as Ocean's Edge Tins, Davy Jones and Revolution Value Boxes, Barbay Coast and Revolution packs, as well as Mysterious Islands, Spanish Main and Pirates of the Carribean Davy Jones Curse Booster Boxes.

The new stand-alone expansion for the amazing Pirates of the Spanish Main Constructible Strategy Game is on the way: Pirates of the Revolution!

The hunt for gold and glory takes a historical turn as WizKids celebrates the arrival of the Americans, who historically offered more letters of Marque (the documents that created pirates) than any other nation before or since! New Events and Fire effects add depth to the game, while the simplicity that made Pirates such a hit returns.

Each person can play from one affordably-priced Game Pack. Packs contain a ship or ships, crew, treasure, a die, and island or terrain, and rules of play.

Set highlights include the Star of Siam, the Asp, Wesley, and the Treasure/Chainshot Specialist.

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